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It was June 1974 when a group of civic-minded tennis enthusiasts got together and decided to form the Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club. The idea was the brainchild of two English brothers, Frank and Stephen Ash who at the time resided at Dar L-Inglizi in Vittoriosa. Little did the Ash brothers know what they were unleashing!

A notice in the media soon brought great response and a flood of enquiries from players and other tennis enthusiasts ensued.

Initially, courts were kindly provided by St Edward’s College and De La Salle College. Coaching lessons aiming to propagate the game of tennis started in earnest.

In 1975, the coaching classes were transferred to Corradino Heights in Paola, after permission was granted by the Royal Navy for the use of the courts. Corradino Heights is the present day location of the club. During the year, the Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club became affiliated with the Malta Lawn Tennis Association and has participated in the national leagues ever since. The use of the then naval courts at Corradino was soon accorded to the VLTC. When eventually all British Forces facilities reverted to the Malta Government in 1979, these same courts were put at the disposal of the Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club.

Five years later, the first clubhouse was built, giving the club the necessary amenities it so much needed. More refurbishing of the clubhouse and the courts took place regularly. From time to time more rooms and other amenities were added to the complex.

As recently as a couple of years ago, the VLTC underwent extensive works that were to change considerably the complex as we had known it since the days of the British Forces. The four concrete surfaced courts which stood at different levels were dug and levelled to one plane. They were resurfaced with hot asphalt and each given access through an independent entrance. The floodlighting system was totally replaced to give stronger and better light diffusion on the courts. At the same time, a new chain-fencing system was installed all around the courts.

The Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club is one of the leading Tennis Clubs in Malta. It is recorded that since its foundation fourty years ago, the number of individuals who at any time were registered as club members has reached the 10,000 mark. The first International Tennis Tournament was held in 1984 attracting many highly ranked foreign players.

The Club organizes Tennis Tournaments all year round and on many occasions hosts European tennis championships. Coaching Clinics for beginners and advanced beginners are held from September up till March. Recently, the club introduced Summer Coaching aimed for children who would be in their long Summer holidays. From time to time, the club organizes social and recreational activities. It issues an in-house magazine every year, which covers details of the activities in the club.

VLTC’s Coat of Arms adopted the Ash Family motto:

Non nobis sed omnibus – Not for us but for everyone.

The Coat of Arms incorporate the Arms of Vittoriosa, the Cockatrice (a fabulous deadly cock with a serpent’s tail) adopted from the Ash Arms, and a pair of crossed tennis racquets.

Logo for Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club

The Emblem of the city of Vittoriosa on the left
Sword and Armour - Grandmasters' stay in Malta
Palm - St. Lawrence, the Patron Saint of Vittoriosa
Olives - Peace

Top Right
The Emblem of Wales
Founder members of club were Welsh

Bottom Right
Racket and Tennis Balls





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