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Introducing VLTC Tennis Ranking system


Dear members,


We have sent an email regarding the VLTC Tennis Ranking System.  


The system is based on the player's result while participating in the tournaments organized at VLTC.


We already included results for the tournaments held in the past 2 years. These include:

- Rennie Tonna Samsung 2020

- Wilson 2020

- San Michel 2021

- Rennie Tonna Samsung 2021

- Singles Tournament 2021


Each player is assigned 2 scores, 1 for singles and 1 for doubles. Reason for keeping scores separate is that many players don't play singles.


The attached Excel sheet has 1 main sheet with ALL players participating in tournaments organized by the club. There are 2 summary pages for MEN and WOMEN.



Following is a brief explanation of the sheet and how the numbers are derived:


- Each player will have a number of attributes, number of matches played (separate for singles and doubles), sets and games won and the starting rank.


- Each player will have a rank calculated by the starting rank and the result of each match played.


- Points that players earn after each match:

  • ·  Singles: Maximum of 32 points. This depends on the rank of the opponent. If the opponent is of the same level, it is expected that if you win, you will be rewarded approximately 15 points. The higher the rank of the opponent, more points can be rewarded. The losing player will have the same points deducted.
  • ·  Doubles: Maximum of 24 points each. Again this figure depends on the level of the opponents. Both players in the winning team will be awarded points. The losing players will have the same amount of points deducted.

- Match points are assigned according to the following:

  • ·  Win (2-0): 100%
  • ·  Win but dropped a set (2-1): 75%
  • ·  Draw: (50%)
  • ·  Lost but won a set (1-2): 25%
  • ·  Lost: (0%)

- In doubles, the team rank is defined as the average rank of both players. So if PlayerA has a rank of 1800 and PlayerB has a rank of 1700, the team rank is of 1750. 


- The formulas used to calculate player rank is according to the Elo Ranking Algorithm. More information can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system


- Ranks will be updated after each tournament. The committee might decide to publish an updated list at mid-tournament.


- To have an accurate rank, a player must play at least:

  • ·  7 matches for Singles
  • ·  15 matches for Doubles

- If a player doesn't have the minimum of 15 matches required for doubles, his/her name will be highlighted in Red. 


This is not the final version and the tournament committee reserves the right to amend or tweak any parameters deemed necessary.


If you did not receive the email or you have any queries or need any assistance, you are very welcome to contact us.


Best regards,

The Commttee


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