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Troy Shipping Singles Tournament 2024

Troy Singles Tournament Draws and Results



You can find below files related to the tournament. These may include results, schedules, team formations, rules etc.

Application Troy Singles Tournament 2024.docx

Singles Schedule May 2024.pdf

Members enrolled for this tournament

Attard Jean
Cachia Kristen
Dixon Liam
Duca Adrian
Evangelou Fotios
Farrugia Kenneth
Greenland Cory
Kiricenko Artiom
Kristensen Tobias
Meekers Georges
Mercieca Marco
Micallef Matthew
Sawyer Mavric
Xuereb Emman
Attard Jin
Briffa Kristina
Fenech Diane
Gouder Alexia
Sammut Kaya
Scerri Ceridwen
Vella Daphne - Anne
Wong Nancy

Bookings for this tournament are now closed

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