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Sports Experience Chosen Doubles 2022

Click HERE for Divisions and results.

You can find below files related to the tournament. These may include results, schedules, team formations, rules etc.

Members enrolled for this tournament

Agius Clint
Caruana Denis
Esposito Julian
Frendo Alain
Gatt Emanuel
Murdocco Roberto
Re Simone
Sant Fournier Karl
Sawyer Mavric
Schembri Jean Paul
Tanti Keith
Vella Jonathan
Villanueva Adrian Marcelo
Zammit Gene
Attard Ann Marie
Axiaq Sarah
Baldacchino Brenda
Bonett Christina
Borg Alida
Briffa Kristina
Farrugia Deborah
Francica Dominique
Mamo Kimberly
Scerri Ceridwen
Stivala Jodie
Wong Nancy

Bookings for this tournament are now closed

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