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Sport Experience Mixed Doubles 2018

You can find below files related to the tournament. These may include results, schedules, team formations, rules etc.

Sports Experience Doubles Application 2018.docx

Mixed Schedule of Play.xlsx

Draws and Results.xlsx

Members enrolled for this tournament

Azzopardi John
Elden Dave
Esposito Julian
Gusman Ian
Hili Mark
Micallef Keith
Mifsud Manuel
Mifsud David
Mifsud Wismayer Claude
Porto Luigi
Pule Jesmond
Rutter Trevor
Sawyer Mavric
Steenkamer Willem
Azzopardi Erika
Barbara Grace
Elden Carmen
Gusman Yanica
Meli Bellizzi Lucienne
Mercieca Kirsty
Micallef Ruth
Mifsud Andrea
Mizzi Sharon
Muscat Alison
Portelli Doriana
Psaila Cara
Steenkamer Mariska
Vella Sarah

Bookings for this tournament are now closed

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