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You can find below files related to the tournament. These may include results, schedules, team formations, rules etc.

Schedule July 2020.pdf

VLTC Christmas Application form.docx

Draws and Results 2020.xlsx

Members enrolled for this tournament

Alamango Lawrence
Azzopardi Mark
Borg Clive
Byrne Richard
Camilleri James
Ciantar Raymond
Debattista Karl
Esposito Julian
Falzon Daniel
Formosa Kevin
Frendo Alain
Gollcher Nicholas
Grech George
Grech Charles
Iles Stanley
Kristensen Tobias
Mamo Marcus
Meekers Georges
Mercieca Marco
Micallef Eric
Micallef Keith
Mifsud Manuel
Mifsud Wismayer Claude
Mizzi Ryan
Murdocco Roberto
Rutter Trevor
Sacco Charles
Schembri Matthew
Spiteri Roderick
Spiteri Willets Andrew
Steenkamer Willem
Steenkamer Jack-Rory
Tanti Keith
Xuereb Christian
Zammit Isaac Joseph
Abela Anabelle
Barbara Julia
Borg Anabel
Braddick Southgate Michelle
Camilleri Josanne
Camilleri Stefania
Falzon Amanda
Francica Dominique
Grech Maria Elena
Meli Bellizzi Lucienne
Muscat Alison
Muscat Ioana
Pace Yanika
Portelli Doriana
Portelli Silvana
Sant Mary Ann
Scerri Ceridwen
Steenkamer Mariska
Vidal Emilie
Wong Nancy

Bookings for this tournament are now closed

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