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Rennie Tonna Samsung Team T'ment 2020

The Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club will once again be organising the annual Rennie Tonna Samsung  Team Tournament between July and October.  This year’s event is once again being sponsored by Samsung.

 The tournament is scheduled to start on Wednesday 15th July 2020.  Matches starting at 6.30 pm will be played on Wednesdays and Fridays during the months of July to October. Other days may be used if required.

This tournament will be played over two rounds and each rubber will consist of 2 sets. Each player will play a minimum of 6 matches. Applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

 All paid up members 15 and over are eligible to participate. Members failing to pay the membership fee will not be accepted in the tournament. 

 The participation fee is €18.   Only applications which are accompanied by the relevant participation fee will be accepted. 





You can find below files related to the tournament. These may include results, schedules, team formations, rules etc.

Rennie Tonna Samsung Application Form 2020.docx

Members enrolled for this tournament

Abdilla Mario
Abdilla Joe
Alamango Lawrence
Anastasi Max Jr
Anastasi Max
Azzopardi Jean Carl
Azzopardi Mark
Bahmuller Ralf
Belli Stephen
Belli Nikolai
Bezzina Oswald
Borg Reuben
Borg Louis
Borg Marco
Borg Clive
Borg Maurice
Borg Grech Charles
Buhagiar Brian
Buhagiar Darren
Byrne Richard
Cachia Ivan
Calleja Chris
Carabott Kurt
Carabott Joe
Cassar Neville
Chircop Antoine
Ciantar Raymond
Coleiro Norbert
Curmi Richard
Debattista Karl
Debono Juan
Ellul Frans
Esposito Julian
Falzon Daniel
Formosa Kevin
Frendo Alain
Gatt Jake
Gatt Paul
Grech Clyde
Grech George
Kristensen Tobias
Magri Richard
Magri Gareth
Magro Kyle
Mercieca Marco
Micallef Eric
Micallef Keith
Micallef Paul Ray
Micallef Charles
Mifsud Wismayer Claude
Mizzi Ryan
Montesin Franco E.
Morales Mario
Murdocco Roberto
Pace Gabriel
Pace Darrell
Porto Luigi
Pule Jesmond
Pule` Anthony
Pule` Andrew
Rutter Victor
Rutter Trevor
Sacco Charles
Scala Pietro
Schembri Malcolm
Sciberras Shawn Roderick
Sciberras John
Scirha Neville
Spiteri Willets Andrew
Steenkamer Willem
Steenkamer Jack-Rory
Treeby Ward Conrad
Vella Alfred
Vella Jonathan
Vella Bonnici Marc Anthony
Zammit Gene
Zammit Isaac Joseph
Abela Anabelle
Agius Laureen
Azzopardi Elaine
Azzopardi Helga
Azzopardi Erika
Baldacchino Brenda
Barbara Julia
Belli Olivia
Bileci Francesca
Borg Marcelle
Borg Mary
Borg Anabel
Borg Cardona Yvonne
Braddick Southgate Michelle
Buhagiar Dorianne
Buhagiar Anne
Buhagiar Maria Emma
Camoin Marthese
Carabott Lonia
Casingena Anna
Cassar Josette
Cassar Tanya
Ciantar Mary
Curmi Daniela
Cuschieri Martina
D'Alessandro Josette
Debono Diane
Difesa Carmen
Elden Carmen
Falzon Amanda
Farrugia Deborah
Fava Kim
Fava Nicole
Fenech Bernardette
Francica Dominique
Friggieri Audrey
Gauci Romina
Gauci Anthea
Gouder Alexia
Grech Elaine
Mercieca Kirsty
Micallef Ruth
Mifsud Jennifer
Mifsud Andrea
Mizzi Sharon
Muscat Alison
Pace Yanika
Portelli Rose Anne
Portelli Doriana
Portelli Silvana
Pule Angele
Scerri Christine
Scerri Joyce
Sciortino Francesca
Scirha Marcette
Seychell Christine
Spiteri Alexia
Steenkamer Mariska
Vella Sarah
Wong Nancy

Bookings for this tournament are now closed

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